“Most of the Women I Really Admire Are in Their 40s”

Olivia Wilde: “Most of the Women I Really Admire Are in Their 40s”

Olivia Wilde has a true appreciation for the phrase, “Another year older, another year wiser.”

The Tron: Legacy actress has accomplished a lot in her 31 years – she has a successful acting career and a loving relationship with partner Jason Sudeikis and their 1-year-old son, Otis. But even with all of her triumphs, Wilde says she is still learning from her past mistakes and using those lessons to prepare for her future.

“Thirties feel like a fertile ground,” she told ELLE in the magazine’s Septemeber issue. “The twenties are for f—— up, that’s what you’re supposed to do, and your 30s are for using the knowledge you gained from said f—— up to make something, to put that experience toward something useful.”

She adapted this set of life rules by watching the older women in her life, and modeling herself after them.

“I find that most of the women that I really look up to, both women I know personally and women I admire from afar, are in their 40s,” she said.

It’s no wonder then that, while some women quiver at the thought of the aging process, Wilde embraces her age. The actress plans to spend the next 10 years focusing on her career and applying the lessons she learned in her 20s so that by the time she reaches her 40s, she’ll be able to relax with her family and reflect on her work.

“I think your 40s are an opportunity to enjoy what you’ve worked for.”

Source: People

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